Monday, October 25, 2010

Music Download Instructions

It has come to my attention that many people are not aware of how this and other music blogs function.

So, I am creating these instructions to make it easy.

Firstly, before anything you will need to download and install this software. This only has to be done ONCE... then when it is  installed on your computer you will be ready for the next step.   Instructions for similar software for a MAC is included below...

For Windows users you will need to download a program such as WinRAR.  This is a free program and a copy is available by clicking the following link.  WinRAR

If you have a MAC, then the program to unpack the files is Stuffit Expander and comes with your operating system.

If you can't locate Stuffit Expander then the following link will give you a free MAC application that will do the job quite well.   RAR Expander

At the bottom of each post on the blog there is a textual link.  Usually it will be the name of the band or of the title of the album. IT should be fairly obvious and on my blogs will always be at the bottom of the relevant post.

Simply click on that text link and it will open a link in another window.   That link will usually be to Megaupload but can sometimes be 4Shared.

In the top right corner of the Megaupload page there will be a series of  3 letters and 1 number to be typed into a box.  They are quite easy to locate.  Other bogs can use various sites like Rapidshare or Fileshare and numerous others.  They all work the same way.  Rapidshare and others will make you wait up to 15 minutes between each download.

That box will then give you a countdown timer of usually under 60 seconds.  This can vary.   Once the timer is finished then click on the download link.
The download of the "album"  will then commence.  The time for the actual download will depend on your connection speed to the internet.

The entire album is saved in one file as a RAR file to make the size of the download smaller.

As long as you have followed the instructions and installed the software in the first step it is simply a matter of clicking on the downloaded music file and it will open a box within the program... such as WinRAR.   You can then place the files wherever you wish on your computer.

From there you can do several things such as unpack the entire archive to be able to transfer it to your hard drive, then a CD or MP3 player or simply play through your computer speakers.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Pseudo Echo - Live 1985

This listing is a live desk recording of Pseudo Echo from sometime late in 1985, probably December.

From recollections the recording can only be narrowed down to either The Palace in St Kilda or Monash Uni.

It is believed that Aaron Chugg was the FOH engineer.

I first saw Pseudo Echo on the 16th of November 1982 as a support band when I was working for The Little Heroes.  The venue was The Jump Club in Collingwood.

The following information is a extract from

Formed in 1982 by school friends Brian Canham (vocals, guitars, and keyboards) and Pierre Gigliotti (bass, keyboards) the band completed its lineup with Anthony Argiro (drums) and Tony Lugton (guitars and keyboards).

Their first album Autumnal Park was an Ultravox-influenced album that yielded the Australian singles "Listening" (produced by Peter Dawkins), "Stranger in Me", "Dancing Till Midnight", and "A Beat for You".

Their climb to success in the summer of 1984 was rapid, and they quickly became the second biggest band in Australia after INXS.

"His Eyes", a track from their first album, received exposure overseas as it was used in the movie Friday the 13th: A New Beginning.

There was a lineup change before their second album with Tony Lugton being replaced by James Leigh (real surname: Dingli) after a dispute between Lugton and Canham over money, and another lineup change during the making of the second album with Argiro being replaced by James's brother Vince.

Lugton went on to join synth rock band Talk That Walk.

Brian Canham joined as guest vocalist with The Incredible Penguins in 1985, for a cover of "Happy Xmas (War Is Over)", a charity project for research on Fairy penguins, which peaked at #10 on the Australian Kent Music Report in December.

Their second album, Love an Adventure (1986), was also a success with several singles from that album topping the Australian charts including the title track, "Don't Go", "Try", and "Living in a Dream".

The album was re-released the following year to include their remake of the Lipps, Inc. song "Funkytown", which brought the group their biggest international success, reaching No. 6 on the Billboard Hot 100 in the USA and No. 8 in the UK in July, 1987, as well as spending seven weeks at #1 in Australia from December 1986.

The overseas release of Love an Adventure featured a somewhat different track listing which included re-mixed versions of 3 singles from Autumnal Park: "Listening", "A Beat for You", and "Destination Unknown".

These were remixed to sound more rock-oriented, to better-match the other tracks on the album. Brian Canham even re-recorded the vocals for a slicker sound to compliment these rock remixes.

Once again, the overseas version of Love an Adventure was re-released to include the re-make of "Funkytown", replacing "Don't Go" in the original track list.

In 1987, the band re-released "Listening" for the movie North Shore starring Nia Peeples.

Their third album, Race (1989), went further in the direction of pop rock and metal.

The album featured the Australian singles "Fooled Again", "Over Tomorrow", "Eye of the Storm", and "Don't You Forget".

The album stopped at #32 on the ARIA chart and it seemed that the band's move to a more rock/metal genre had alienated a good portion of their established fanbase.

Pseudo Echo disbanded shortly after touring for Race in 1990.

The band reunited in 1999 to produce the EP Funkytown Y2K: RMX, which included 6 new remixes of "Funkytown".

A year later, they released the double-CD Teleporter (2000), which featured 4 all-new tracks, 5 re-mixed tracks, and a live performance in Melbourne.

The live performance featured all the tracks from Autumnal Park except for "From the Shore", along with a few tracks from Love an Adventure and a performance of the rare B-side "In Their Time".

Since reuniting in 1999, the band has been touring constantly in Australia, and were previously seen touring with the "Idols of the 80s" in 2005.

In April 2010 they played two sold out shows in Adelaide, South Australia, and they continue to tour nationwide.

This is really great representation of the band in its heyday. I'm positive that fans of the Pseudo's will love this....  the recording actually predates their release of Funk Town.

Thanks to "Linus Prodd" for this amazing blast from the past.  Love your work mate!!

The line up at the time of this live recording was :-

Brian Canham - vocals and guitar
Pierre Pierre (Gigliotti) - bass synth and bass
James Leigh - keyboards 
Vince Leigh - drums 
Steve Williams -  keyboards and sequencer.

Live tracks include :-

Intro / Stranger In Me
I Ask You Why
Lies Are Nothing
Tell Me
I Will Be You
Lonely Without You
Don't Go
Living In A Dream
A Beat For You
Love An Adventure
Destination Unknown
Funky Town
Let's Get Together

Cover artwork included / Cassette rip / 320kbps MP3 format

Pseudo Echo - Live - 1985

Saturday, October 9, 2010

new look

Welcome to the new look Live Preserver!

We hope you like our renos!!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Steve Grace - One Night In A Million

The following is taken directly from the Steve Grace website at 
You can find out lots more information on Steve on that site.

Twenty years ago he was driving trucks and singing in bars.
Today, Steve Grace is an Australian Gospel artist with eight albums and a million miles of concert tours behind him.
Communicating to thousands of people each year his tours literally go anywhere and everywhere, from remote villages on South Pacific islands, to major venues in big cities.

Steve Grace is one of Australia’s leading contemporary Christian musicians.

In 1996, the Gospel Music Association of America voted Steve as the International Artist of the Year and the Australian radio industry has awarded him two Pater awards for songwriting.

Australia’s biggest selling country music performer, Slim Dusty, honored Steve by recording Port Augusta for his 100th album.

Steve’s album Children of the Western World (1988) achieved gold status in Australia.

It was the first Christian album by an Australian artist released on CD.

The album, Follow, was recorded in Los Angeles and features members of the Franklin Graham Festival Praise Band.

His latest album is New Day Coming, recorded in 2004.

Steve’s music has been released in the USA, New Zealand (Parachute) and Australia (Word Australia), and is available to order online or download on the iTunes Music Store.

This soon became the resource material for Steve’s debut album Young Australian Man (1986).

Steve felt the call to leave truck driving and move to Melbourne with his wife and children.
There he began working on a second album Children of the Western World (1988) with the Little River Bands, Beeb Birtles.

This became one of the biggest selling Christian albums in Australia, and the largest by a contemporary artist. US company Reunion issued the album, which spawned several radio hits including Big Dreams and Children of the Western World .  It was also released in Canada, Europe, and the UK.

True to his missionary upbringing, Steve pioneered a concert touring ministry to Australian country towns in the early 90’s, traveling the vast expanses of the Australian continent to serve local churches in their task of reaching people with a contemporary message of hope and faith.

Steve Grace is currently on the road across the country on his Heritage National Tour

Tracks include :-
Land Of The Rock
One Night In  Million
Stand Your Ground
Unknown Hero
Men Of God
Travelling Man
Kids On The Street
Lonely Feeling
World Turn Around
Reach Out
That's Alright
I Live To Know You

CD rip / Full Artwork included / 320kbps MP3 formatFull Artwork / CD Rip / 320kbps MP3 format

Steve Grace - One Night In A Million

Friday, October 1, 2010

The Little Heroes - Live 26/11/82

Back in 1982 I was a monitor (foldback) engineer for the Melbourne band The Little Heroes.  I was lucky enough to tour most of Australia with the band and had such a great time that the memories still bring a smile to my face.

I have just added a live show performed by The Little Heroes at St Kilda Town Hall on the 26th November 1982. Ross Frazer (John Farnham's producer) was the FOH engineer. I was working monitors.

The first and last songs of the show were not included as they were not complete. Personally I'm sad about that because the first song was Melbourne's Just Not New York... and that was one of my favourite songs from the band live.

The link to this live show is here ...
The Little Heroes Live at St Kilda Town Hall 26/11/82

The recording is in 320kbps MP3 format.

I can still remember this clip below being recorded at Countdown.

I saw the singer / songwriter, Roger Hart from the band online recently on  Facebook and decided to scan some photos from those days to show him.

The main set of photos were taken on my last night working with the band... 1st January 1983, at the Armadale Hotel, Melbourne.

I have made those photos available for the visitors to this site at GruntRat's Photos on PhotoBucket