Friday, December 3, 2010

Future Posts - Live Material Needed

I am putting out a call to all old managers, promoters, bands, band members, roadies and fans.

This blog is set up for one thing only.

That is to preserve the music that made Australia... a chance for the punters to relive the live music experiences they grew up with. A way of capturing that one point in time when music was at its best in this country.

We are the generation that can make a difference and do something to save those precious moments.
In a few years where will your old tapes and recordings be... landfill probably.
And that is why I created this site.

That sort of stuff MUST be preserved before it's too late.

You lived and breathed that music scene once and many still do... let others share your passion.

There are more fans and enthusiasts still out there than you may think!!!

Please contact me if you have anything... be it audio, video or photo that can be added here.

Future posts already planned will include...

more Short Story at various venues

Midnight Oil - 1982 The Pier Hotel and The Old Lion

Billy Field - 1981 Brisbane Festival Hall

The Little Heroes - 1982 Toowoomba

Mondo Rock - similcast

Australian Crawl - similcast

Australian Crawl - second EVER gig

Redgum - more binaural tracks from Collingwood Town Hall

Dynamic Hepnotics -

and there will be an odd one as it will not be an Aussie artist....
that will be The Motels Live at Sydney Entertainment Centre