Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Billy Baxter & The Big Fans Of Jesus - 3RRR Bedlam Simulcast

For someone who has had a song written about him, Paul Kelly's Billy Baxter,  there is surprisingly little information about Billy Baxter or Billy Baxter & The Big Fans Of Jesus available on the internet.

I am now in touch with Billy and will hopefully add more information as I get it. 

This is a live recording done on the 13/4/85 in the Great Hall at Melbourne's Art Gallery.

The recording was broadcast on 3RRR as part of the Bedlam series of simulcasts.

Personally this one surprised me... great 60's songs done perfectly in the 80's.

Those that like the 60's sound you will love this one.

Billy Baxter & The Big Fans Of Jesus were together as a band from 1984 to 1985.

Billy Baxter then went on to be part of the Aussie band the Hollowmen in 1986 until 1989.

Billy then joined Jeff Richardson, Greg Champion and Ian Cover to form The Coodabeen Champions, the originators of satirical, irreverent and unconventional sporting commentary in this country. 

The Coodabeen Champions chalked up 30 years on the airwaves in 2010. 

It’s an incredible record for a program created by a group of mates who met at university and decided there was a need for presenting a show from the fan’s perspective. 

Info pages on the Coodabeens follow :-and Billy Baxter


ABC Radio Coodbeens Page 

Wikipedia - Coodabeen Champions Page

Coodabeen Champions

Billy Baxter & The Big Fans Of Jesus had the following members :-

Billy Baxter - Vocals
Alan Brooker
Kelvin Fleming
Steve Watson
Ian Hill

Tracks on this live recording are : -

Let's Go
Hey Little Mama
Let Her Dance
Little Bit Of Soul
California Sun
Let's Dance
Do Ya Wanna Dance
Keep Your Hands Off Of It
Farmer John
All I Want
It's A Happening

Cassette rip / Live sound desk recording / 320kbps MP3 format

Download Link :- Billy Baxter & The Big Fans Of Jesus - Live - 13/4/85

A HUGE thanks to Mindi, AKA Paisley Vespa for loaning me her recording of this great performance.


  1. Another fabulous effort, Mick! They were such a fun band, reproducing the sound of the 60s so well and I particularly liked the fact that many of the songs were not the really well known ones from that era.... a few wonderful obscurities...
    Paisley V xxx

  2. Thanks heaps for this great recording GruntRat.
    Melbourne Uni and others were always ripe with great musical talent back in the late 70's and early 80's. If only there were were 'soundboard recordings' available from the many fabulous concerts that took place on campus

  3. More general comment: may I direct you to http://saveaussiemusic.org/ - an initiative I'm involved with. We're trying to get everything we can documented, and get state libraries involved. To that end, I'd like to ask you all to do high-quality scans of your flyer and zine and clippings collections, and digitise your old records and especially... tapes to FLAC, so they can be preserved by proper librarians for future generations before it all dissolves.

    We don't have a library to deposit it with yet, but we're frantically seeking suitable contacts (at the state reference library level) - any help would be MOST welcomed.

    We're not putting up blogs of music for obvious reasons, but just gathering stuff and documenting it and making sure digital copies are in libraries is better than the present situation, i.e. nothing coherent.

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