Friday, October 1, 2010

The Little Heroes - Live 26/11/82

Back in 1982 I was a monitor (foldback) engineer for the Melbourne band The Little Heroes.  I was lucky enough to tour most of Australia with the band and had such a great time that the memories still bring a smile to my face.

I have just added a live show performed by The Little Heroes at St Kilda Town Hall on the 26th November 1982. Ross Frazer (John Farnham's producer) was the FOH engineer. I was working monitors.

The first and last songs of the show were not included as they were not complete. Personally I'm sad about that because the first song was Melbourne's Just Not New York... and that was one of my favourite songs from the band live.

The link to this live show is here ...
The Little Heroes Live at St Kilda Town Hall 26/11/82

The recording is in 320kbps MP3 format.

I can still remember this clip below being recorded at Countdown.

I saw the singer / songwriter, Roger Hart from the band online recently on  Facebook and decided to scan some photos from those days to show him.

The main set of photos were taken on my last night working with the band... 1st January 1983, at the Armadale Hotel, Melbourne.

I have made those photos available for the visitors to this site at GruntRat's Photos on PhotoBucket


  1. I would like to make a correction to the above story regarding the Little Heroes. Glenn Helmot was the FOH mix engineer, not Ross Frazer as noted in the story.
    There may be some confusion between Glenn and Ross, as Ross Frazer took over mixing FOH from Glenn Helmot for the band Real Life in 1984.
    Glenn joined the Little Heroes firstly as their monitor engineer in early 1981, then taking over as FOH engineer later in that year when Ian "Stumpy" Matthews departed the position. Glenn worked with the Little Heroes consistently from 1981 until their last 1984 show in Perth. The only exception to the long relationship that Glenn had with the Little Heroes as their FOH engineer was a short tour during 1983.
    This is a factual account as I am Glenn Helmot.


  2. .... Ross Frazer did own the PA system and truck that we used with Little Heroes for the last couple of tours however ....

  3. Crash... sorry, you are wrong ... Ross DID do this show. I was on monitors.... it was Ross' PA... that he had got from Gary Nestle. I know Ross left to joing Real Life, just as I left to join Short Story. You started AFTER this tour, which ended 1st Jan 1982. I have access to the tour diary to prove the dates of what shows we did.

  4. sorry, it ended Jan 1st 1983

  5. The photos taken on the last night I worked with the band with Ross in the photo on Jan 1 1983 I also have on my Facebook page.

  6. the new crew with the new lineup started working on March 28th 1983 at a warmup gig at The Chevron, followed 2 days later in Warnambool.

  7. Only saw the band when John Taylor was playing bass, great act.

  8. hi,

    can this show be re-upped at all?

    many thanks