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Short Story - Melbourne Band - Pre Girl Overboard - Lisa Schouw

In 1981 Lisa Schouw auditioned as a vocalist for Melbourne band “Pointz”.

It was in this band that she met Robin Gist for the first time.

Over a period of two years the band changed its name to “Short Story”, played around Melbourne, almost secured a publishing and recording deal with Wheatley Records and finally self-destructed.

Lisa went back to New Zealand for about six months, but decided to return to Australia and met up with Robin to begin writing songs.

After auditioning various players they settled on keyboards player Brett McNaughton and together the three formed “Separate Tables” in 1987.

The line-up was augmented by Lee Davidson on drums and Jenny Milroy on backing vocals and percussion.

The band released an independent single - “Long Dark Night” backed with “Wrap Your Arms Around Me”.

After a year of writing and gigging the band secured a recording deal with RCA/BMG, a gig as the support act for John Farnham’s “Jack’s Back” tour and spent months on the road promoting the single “When The Word Came Down” playing Entertainment Centres and concert halls around Australia.

The next single “Change My Sex” was largely ignored by radio.

John Favaro joined the band on bass guitar and another single - “Wrap Your Arms Around Me” was released.

The band began recording their debut album “Paint a Picture” with producer Ross Fraser at Metropolis Studios in Melbourne.

After leaving Little Heroes in 1983 , I was offered the front of house gig with Short Story and spent the next 12 or so months working with them.

Short Story had a few residency's around Melbourne at the time... including The Chevron Hotel in St. Kilda Road and a popular Saturday arvo gig at The Prospect Hill Hotel in Kew.

They were also a regular at the Billboard nightclub in Melbourne.

Much of this information has been gathered from Lisa Schouw's personal website at

Rob Gist the guitarist has a website for his Sydney recording studio, Tonemaster Productions

This is a link to the Girl Overboard - Paint A Picture album on my TrashedByTime blog.

This was the last show of a run of Saturdays as the resident band at the Prospect Hill Hotel in Kew, Victoria.

This was recorded on the 14th May 1983.

I have preserved the recording "as is"... some instruments went through the mixing desk... some were loud enough on stage to be left out of the mix.

I truly do encourage you to listen to the whole show as I feel it starts off a little shaky but certainly gets better after the band has warmed up.

Some songs are covers. eg: The Police, Blondie... some originals.

My favourite song is track 11, Golden Angel.  I also like track 13, Riviera.

Golden Angel sure shows off the range of Lisa's voice!!

I will be releasing several different shows that I have on tape over the next few weeks.  Most will contain the same songs but the PA's being different can change the sound drastically.

On this recording there are 20 tracks in all... :-

A Place In The Sun
I Can't Feel
No Time
Doors Of Fate
I Can't Stand Losing You
Call Me
Pie In The Sky
People On A Train
I See You
Take A Look
Golden Angel
Inside My Head
She Never Lets You Know
Accident Never Happen
Home Is Where The Heart Is
End Of The Line

I hope you enjoy the show......

No Artwork / Cassette Rip / 320kbps MP3 Format

Short Story - Live At The Prospect Hill Hotel - 14-05-83


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