Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Little River Band - Live Classics

This was a 1994 release on the new defunct Trauma Records label.

Live Classics is a live album by Little River Band. It also included 2 new studio tracks at the time.

This album was recorded during the band's 1992 world tour.

It was the last Little River Band album (other than compilation albums) to feature Glenn Shorrock still as lead vocalist.

The band as they were when this album was recorded are :-

Glenn Shorrock - lead vocals
Wayne Nelson - bass, vocals
Derek Pellicci - drums
Stephen Housden - lead guitar
Peter Beckett - guitar, vocals (Player)
Richard Bryant - keyboards, vocals

Track include the following :-

Happy Anniversary
It's a Long Way There
I Dream Alone
Man on Your Mind
Lonesome Loser
Take It Easy on Me
Baby Come Back
Walk Together
The Night Owls
Help Is on Its Way
Cool Change
Summertime Blues

Walk Together (studio)
My Own Way Home (studio)

Full Artwork / CD Rip / 320kbps MP3 format

LRB - Live Classics - Artwork ONLY

The Little River Band - Live Classics 1994


  1. I thought I'd seen all of LRB's releases until now, how wrong was I.
    Thanks for sharing this GruntRat - I look forward to hearing some 'new' LRB.
    Congratulations on your new site and keep those simulcasts coming.

  2. Great album. Interesting to note that Peter Beckett was lead singer of Player whose one hit, Baby Come Back is on this album, and a great version as well..

    Thanks for sharing this.

    Mr Tanner