Saturday, September 11, 2010

Moving Pictures - EON - FM Live Similcast

I remember seeing Moving Pictures live many times in both Melbourne and Sydney in the 1980's,  but one night sticks out in my mind...

It was the Horden Pavillion in Sydney and Moving Pictures were support act to Elton John.

At the end of Moving Pictures set a strange figure walked up to the microphone.

It was Australian actor, Bruce Spence and he announced that England had just gone to war with Argentina.... and so The Falklands War began...

Funny how such things stick in your head after all these years.

Moving Pictures were one of my favourite acts over the years... and more so from their strong live performances than their recorded material.  We all had the records of course... but to see these guys live was something special.

For a full bio and information / discography on Moving Pictures here is a link to their Wikipedia info page

I was fortunate enough in my younger days to tape just about every bit of music I could. The unfortunate part is some thieves many years ago chose to relieve me of most of my collection.

This recording however survived all this time.  It is from an EON - FM  Stereo Home Box Office similcast.

My recording was done direct from a Kenwood tuner to a Nakamichi 482ZX cassette deck, which I was lucky enough to have at the time.   The thing about Nakamichi's is if you used a decent quality tape you didn't lose much of the original sound.

This show was done just before the release of their second album Matinee, which hit the shelves in October 1983.

I have tried to cut the tracks at points I personally thought appropriate... but it should be noted that sometimes due to cutting out of adverts and station signatures it  made the cutting sound rather abrupt at certain points. Unfortunately that could not be helped.

here is an actual clip from this similcast....

Anyways... I present for your enjoyment 11 tracks from Moving Pictures.

Track list :-

Round Again
It Must Be Love
Sisters Of Mercy
Nothing To Do
So Tired
Sweet Cherie
What About Me?
Angel And The Madman
Bustin' Loose

I truly hope you turn up the volume and enjoy these great tracks.

No Artwork / 320kbps MP3 Format

Moving Pictures Live on Stereo Home Box Office


  1. you can watch most of the concert here

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