Saturday, September 11, 2010


Welcome to my new blog, Live Preserver... 
we are here to do nothing but preserve live music for the future generations!!

This site will contain nothing but live recorded Australian music and photos.

The recordings will come from various sources..... some similcasts, some live straight from the mixing desk.

These recordings are a warts and all glimpse into a band in live performance

I am appealing to any Australian band from the 60's to now that if you'd like a representation of your live performance to be showcased then this is the blog for you.

The first post on this new blog is an EON - FM / Stereo Home Box Office similcast of Moving Pictures live in 1983.

It features the big hit... What About Me?... and my own personal favourite The Angel And The Madman

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  1. Excellent stufff GruntRat

    Moving Pictures were always outstanding live. I do remember one gig that stuck with me from the Sandringham Commodore where I heard possibly one of the funniest crowd heckles I can remember, and one that certainly looked like it pissed off Alex Smith.
    During a break between songs, some clown towards the back of the room yelled at the top of his voice - "Someone tell the lead singer to stand up"
    As I said, Alex didn't seem too impressed, but maybe because of that, the band were simply brilliant for the rest of the performance.
    Great band, great live, and it's great to be able to relive a bit of that.

    Thanks again GruntRat