Sunday, September 12, 2010

A Little Bit Of History - Hard Rock Cafe Flyer - Melbourne 1974

I have recently began to track down old mates from the 70's. Just gotta love the wonder of the internet.

My old mate "Milly" was a guy in our circle that I hung out with a hell of a lot back in those days and he sent me something I wish to share with you that you may find interesting.

Thanks Milly...

Firstly, I'd like to ask any of you out there if you can recall any of the many names that were applicable to the old venue at number 1 Spring Street Melbourne.  

I can recall Berties and Hard Rock Cafe (not to be confused with the current Hard Rock) but I am curious as to the other names.  One name that keeps springing to mind is Blaises.

This flyer is for Hard Rock Cafe and covers the months entertainment.

The flyer is for October 1974.

You will note on it that it must have been one of AC/DC's first Melbourne gigs as they were billed as AC DC (from Sydney). Turns out this was approximately a month after Bon Scott joined as singer.

I am absolutely amazed that this single flyer contains so much history in what bands were playing in a single month in just one venue in Melbourne.

Combine that in itself with the fact that there were many, many venues of similar calibre on at the same time in Melbourne, cementing the town's place as the rock capital of Australia.

I hope this little gem from the past brings back a few memories for some of you.

Ohhh... and I was at the venue most Fridays and Saturdays at the time and was lucky enough to be in the audience for the second last show... with AC/DC slaying a crowd that had never seen them before. All for a lousy $2.10.

Anyway... enough waffling... here's the link for the flyer, supplied in PDF format.

Hard Rock Cafe Flyer 1974

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  1. I was banned for life three times in six weeks in the summer of 1974/75. CLEARLIGHT ACID for $3.oo a trip was a bargain, but management didn't agree. I remember AC/DC's first gig there, with "little" Angus the same age as me blowing everyone away with his amazing energy and skill. Sharing doobies backstage afterwards, then going back to Milly's flat in Armadale and partying on for another 24 hours or so, until we started to "come down". The second time we saw AC?DC there, Me, Christine, (Curl), Mark C and Mark 2, squashed in my little Beetle, only made it about 400 meters when I decided driving was not a good idea, and parked up in little Collins at about 4:oo AM. We were the "City Square" crew, and Melbourne belonged to us. The music scene in our city was truly amazing, and we were truly lucky to have so many great bands playing local gigs